Anna von Krusenstierna, Trainee

Time for C-lab


And now it is time for me to start at C-lab. For the next couple of weeks I will be doing different concrete experiments together with Ingemar and Oskar. I am so excited to find out more about the properties of concrete, I guess the chemist in me will show ;)

A concrete expert


Or, at least one step on the way ;) Today, Oskar Esping from C-lab came to the office to educate us the most fundamental about concrete, The Betong class III-training. During the autumn, I guess I have been learning some, but after today I feel like I have much more knowledge about concrete and its properties. A perfect preparation for February, when I will come and work in C-lab.

Preparing for spring


Yesterday, I got to go with Johanna and Sofia at HR to visit Thomas Betong in Stockholm. We started at the office in Märsta, situated in the same area as the Märsta plant. It was so much fun to meet new colleagues and to see another of our plants. I even got to the possibility to drive one of our pumps, one site! It is quite impressive when the pump folds out to its full length!

Visiting VARM at Chalmers


Yesterday, I got the opportunity to represent Thomas Concrete Group at VARM (Chalmers Career fair for civil engineers and architects). What a great day! I enjoyed very much to speak with engaged students and industry colleagues. Hope we see each other again at CHARM 2017!

First plant visit


Finally!! I had my first plant visit yesterday. I have been looking forward to this day for some time, since I want to get the whole picture of the company. Jennifer, which is responsible manager at the Mölndal plant, was showing us around and explaining how it all works. It was a busy day for the Mölndal factory and there is much to keep in mind, so the right type of concrete ends up at the right work site.

Time flies!


Weeks passes by so fast and all of a sudden I have been a part of Team Thomas for 5 weeks. It feels good! I especially like the atmosphere at Thomas, we’re really a team; helping each other and open up for new ideas.


My first project is about writing Thomas Betong’s sustainability report. Which means that I will be working on summarizing our work on...

Finally on board!


After a long summer it was finally time for me and Tove to start our year as trainees at Thomas Concrete Group. I walked in to the office this Monday with great expectations and excitement.


We got started right away to meet...

Hi, my name is Anna!



My name is Anna von Krusenstierna and I am one of the new trainees at Thomas Concrete Group.


I have spent the last five years in Lund and LTH where I have studied to become a chemical engineer, but I am originally from Stockholm.