Code of

Adhering to our Strategic Platform is crucial for our collective success, as it embodies our core ethos. Our shared Code of Conduct further elaborates on the foundational standards we uphold across the organization, particularly in terms of Business Principles and Employee Relations.

“In Team Thomas we have established this Code of Conduct as a manifestation of our basic values regarding lawful and ethical business activities. We care for our colleges, company and customers. Employees in managerial positions shall exercise an extra degree of care and act as role models for others”, says Hans Karlander President & CEO, Thomas Concrete Group AB.

Thomas Concrete Group encourages reporting of any violations of laws or company code of conduct through its whistleblower channel. Whistlelink, a third-party service, allows for anonymous reporting. Retaliation against whistleblowers is prohibited. Reports are confidential, acknowledged within seven days, and feedback is provided within three months. HR manages the process, ensuring anonymity for those who choose not to disclose their identity.

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