My first week at Thomas Concrete Group

Första dag som Trainee på Thomas Concrete GroupAnd so my first week at Thomas Concrete Group (TCG) is over, and thus the initial introductory segment of the trainee program. What a week it has been! My days have been packed and I have met many of my fantastic new colleagues. Everyone at Thomas Betong and Thomas Concrete Group are very welcoming and helpful, and above all they are incredibly driven, with an endless arsenal of interesting thoughts and ideas to share!


This week I have mainly listened to presentations of the various functions in the company, including marketing, finance, sustainability, and human resources. I have also visited one of our largest factories, located on Ringön in Gothenburg. During my visit there we mainly discussed issues regarding quality, environment, and work environment, something that TCG values highly and continuously works to improve. We have also talked over some smaller projects that I will be working on during my trainee year. A lot of information to take in – but so exciting.


My trainee program is divided into 6 different segments:
1) General introduction
2) Production
3) Marketing
4) Precast
5) Finance
6) Work abroad


I have now finished segment one. On the last day I had dinner at Heaven23 (a restaurant in Gothenburg) together with the TCG’s CEO Hans, HR manager Angela, previous years' trainees Tove and Ida, and our Business Application Analyst Lars. Lars started his journey at TCG with a summer internship in 2016. It was a fantastic way to wrap up a successful first week!


Tomorrow, segment two will start out on Ringön. During this next phase I will work a little in the concrete factories, do ride-alongs with our drivers, hang out with the lab-team, and much more. I am super excited!