Segment 2: Production – CHECK!


Time flies when you’re having fun! I have already completed the second segment of the trainee program. And wow, I’ve had so many great experiences! I have seen how the process operators work, spent a day with our technician Fredrik, shadowed our customer service team, gone on ride alongs with concrete trucks and pump trucks, spent a few days at our factories in Örebro, Märsta and Rotebro, and last but not least, followed our sales staff in Gothenburg for a week.


During the week I spent with transportation/logistics, I got to accompany our pump manager Anders to a large casting at the central train station in Gothenburg. There they are building an underground train station as a part of a large infrastructure project called Västlänken, and they were in the process of casting one of the base plates. By 5:30am, the construction site was already bustling with activity: 1400 cubic meters of concrete was to be delivered with the help of two pump trucks and several concrete trucks!

Inlägg 3 1Inlägg 3 2.jpg


I also got to accompany Emma, who is one of our concrete truck drivers, and Daniel, who is one of our pump machinists. Daniel even let me steer the pump mast, a task that is much easier said than done!

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During my stay in Stockholm, I got to visit our factory in Rotebro, which is Thomas Betong's largest factory. In the pictures below you see what we call Thomablocs. Concrete that is left over from various loads is placed in these molds to create large concrete blocks. The blocks can then be used to build, for example, walls, security barriers, and storage bins. A great way to recycle leftover concrete!

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During my time with the sales department, I got to accompany our technical saleswoman Josefin to an ongoing project together with one of our customers outside of Gothenburg. Here they are building apartments and houses right by the quay. It's always fun to see the (almost) finished product - from gray mass to community building! I also accompanied our technical salesman Oscar and our logistics coordinator Arshia to a bridge in Gothenbrug (Nordre Älvbron), which is being renovated and refurbished. Thomas Betong is, of course, delivering the concrete!

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During my time in the production segment, I really gained a better big picture comprehension of our organization. I now better understand what the different roles are responsible for, what challenges we are facing, and what opportunities we want to seize. I sincerely believe that the experiences I have gained over the past five weeks will be extremely valuable regardless of the role I get when my trainee program is finished.


Now I’m moving along to segment three: marketing with Kasia and Karin! I'm curious to see what they have in store for me!