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That's a wrap!


Time flies when you’re having fun. I had four amazing months in Atlanta and it was bittersweet when my stay finally came to an end. I met so many great colleagues at Thomas Concrete, I learned a lot (!!), and I visited many beautiful places. But, I was also excited to go home to my Swedish colleagues and, of course, happy to see my family. Hopefully, I’ll be back with the US team again soon.

Greetings from Atlanta!


After my time in our precast division, I was originally meant to join our finance team at Thomas Betong. However, while driving back from our plants in Heby I got an unexpected phone call from our CEO Hans. I was presented with the opportunity to travel to Thomas Concrete’s headquarters in Atlanta to assist with this work for four months, and of course I couldn’t turn down such an offer! 

Precast Concrete Part 2: Heby


After a few intense weeks filled with several sustainability report work-shop days, I headed to Heby, a small town a little over an hour from Stockholm. There, we have two plants located next to each other, Heby 1 and Heby 2. I spent a week in each plant before returning to Gothenburg. Meanwhile, I stayed at Hotel Tinget in Sala, about 20 minutes away.

Precast Concrete Part 1: Lane-Ryr


After nine inspiring and educational weeks with the marketing department, I moved on to the fourth segment of the trainee program; precast concrete. For the duration of three weeks, I worked at our plant in Lane-Ryr, just outside of Uddevalla. I spent the first day in the office with the plant manager, Lasse, and the production processor, production planner, and system manager. They gave me some insight into the all the back-end processes. On the second day I joined the team in the plant and started settling into their daily routine.

Halftime with the marketing department


Today, I have been working with the marketing department for six weeks together with our marketing manager Kasia. It has been a very eventful time! I get to support and run several exciting projects. My main project during this period of the trainee program is to compose this year's sustainability report together with our awesome sustainability manager Karin.

Segment 2: Production – CHECK!


Time flies when you’re having fun! I have already completed the second segment of the trainee program. And wow, I’ve had so many great experiences! I have seen how the process operators work, spent a day with our technician Fredrik, shadowed our customer service team, gone on ride alongs with concrete trucks and pump trucks, spent a few days at our factories in Örebro, Märsta and Rotebro, and last but not least, followed our sales staff in Gothenburg for a week.

Kick-start at the Ringön-plant


And so the production segment is in full motion! It is very interesting and valuable to see and learn about what goes on in our plants.


During my first day at Ringön I met Anita who is the Operations Manager for western Sweden. I also met our logistics coordinator Arshia, our production coordinator Ali, and our complaints coordinator Christian who introduced me to our new business system CORE.


Ali took me on a tour of the plant...

My first week at Thomas Concrete Group


And so my first week at Thomas Concrete Group is over, and thus the initial introductory segment of the trainee program.


What a week it has been! My days have been packed and I have met many of my fantastic new colleagues. Everyone at Thomas Betong and Thomas Concrete Group are very welcoming and helpful, and above all they are incredibly driven, with an endless arsenal of interesting thoughts and ideas to share!