First plant visit


Finally!! I had my first plant visit yesterday. I have been looking forward to this day for some time, since I want to get the whole picture of the company. Jennifer, which is responsible manager at the Mölndal plant, was showing us around and explained how it all works. It was a busy day for the Mölndal factory and there is much to keep in mind, so the right type of concrete ends up at the right work site.

This is how it looks like when a concrete truck is loaded with ready mixed concrete:

Since I am now working on our sustainability report I am processing data over the energy consumption, waste handling etc. But at the factory, I got to understand the background to the figures. Also, our most modern flush water plant is situated in Mölndal. The flush water (from cleaning the concrete drums) is being recycled and reused in the concrete production. Very smart!

The driver empties flush water in to the first pocket, where the concrete particles settle to the bottom. The water is pumped over to the second pocket, where the same process takes place. The water is being transferred from the third pocket back to the production plant.

I look forward to visit our other plants!