Hello Atlanta!


My last trainee rotation has started an I am currently located in Atlanta, the biggest city of Georgia with a population of 6 million people and also Thomas Concrete's biggest market. I am spending 3 months at the HQ, where I am involved in different projects within business development. One of them involve updating our standard operating procedures, and make them more easily accessable to all employees. It is busy and a lot to do, which is so much fun!

i have also had the opportunity to visit our divisons in North and South Carolina. Here is a picture of a bridge crossing the river in central Greenville, where we poored all the concrete.




Three weeks ago I also got to go to Savannah in our Coastal divison. We got a tour around the city and among other things we visited a project down by the river, where an old coal power plant is transformed in to a hotel. Definitly a cool project!



Thomas Concrete have 1000 employees and 68 plants, which makes the american operation twice as big as the swedish opertation. Even though a lot of things are similar, there are some differences between the markets. For example, we do not have any pumps or prefab in USA, but instead we have front-dischargers and belt trucks. Look at the picture below to see one of our good looking belt tucks. We also have different type of customers and work places in the US, for example. It is more usual to construct roads out of concrete here. Also single family homes are a big market in the US.

This is a very exciting adventure!