During the last 6 weeks I have really gotten to know our precast business in depth!

Precast means that the concrete elements are made prior to the delivery on site. This saves time on the building site since the slabs can be lifted on the building on point, at the exact time, with a great precision.

I got to spend my first period in precast at Lane-Ryr where we produce slabs and balconies. Here I really got the opportunity to dig together with the rest of the production team. I am grateful for the receiving that I got out in the factory and I felt home from day one.

In the picture below you can see one of the areas where we cast the slabs. There are lasers in the roof guiding where to place the stops that marks the edges of the slabs with a 10mm precision.



After 4 weeks in the factory I got to spend my last time in precast together with our project managers, constructors and planners at Ringön in Gothenburg as well as the project leaders in Stockholm.

Finally, I got to visit our brand-new precast factory In Herby, a couple of hours outside Stockholm. The Factory is state of the art and the investment has been taken to secure the production in the future.


                                                                  (Heby nya fabriken)

Heby 2

                                                                  (Heby nya fabriken)