A worthwhile visit at Thomas Beton in Kiel!


Yesterday, I had the honor to visit my German colleagues at Thomas Beton in Kiel. At the office, I was greeted by many wonderful people, who told me about their role within Thomas Beton and about their work tasks. I also got a tour, both at the office, at the laboratory, and on the adjacent plant.


I Kiel träffade jag traineer från vårt tyska kontor


At the end of the day, I also got the opportunity to meet the German trainees. Although, in Germany, it is a different concept compared to Sweden, because there, the Trainees have a three-year program where they both work at the company and go to school at the same time. This is something that is very common in Germany, and almost everyone does this to have a chance to get a good job in the future. Although, it was very nice to hear about their backgrounds, and about their work at Thomas Beton.


Thomas Beton välkomnar


Because of the fact that I will spend a couple of months in Kiel next summer, it was very rewarding to already have seen the city, the office and to have met the people working there. Looking forward to meet them all again in May next year!


Vy från Thomas Betons kontor i Kiel Team Thomas Betongbilar i Tyskland, Thomas Beton