Now I have been at Thomas Beton in Kiel for a month, so it is really time for an update of the blog. The time here in Kiel flies away, as the days are fully booked with different activities. During my time here in Kiel, i will work with four very interesting projects, and besides that, I will aslso visit our plants to do some branding, like we have done in Sweden.

During the last week, I have visited six of our plants here in Germany: Preetz, Elmshorn, Heiligenhafen, Hohenlockstedt, Kaltenkirchen och Neumünster. As always, it is very fun to get out and meet our talented Plant Operators and Drivers.

Also, many fun activities for the employees have been arranged: climbing, pizza-dinner and BBQ-lunch.

A great thank you to everyone here in Kiel that have made me feel so welcome! :)

Heiligenhafen Heiloigenhafen 2
Climbing Labour