Pump Seminar in Stockholm


Last week, the yearly Pump Seminar took place in Stockholm. The seminar highlights current qustions in Concrete logistics/Concrete pumping, where people from different companies, with different knowledge and experience, are holding lectures.

For example, Malin Löfsjögård, from "Svensk Betong", talked about the organisation and what they do to help their member companies. Magnus Mårtensson, Transport Manager at Thomas Betong, talked about an available concrete course where you learn how to transport and deliver concrete in a safe way. ID06 spoke about the new technical solutions that are available and among all, a solution where every person with an ID06 is able to collect all his/hers relevant education on the ID06-card. Further more, plenty of the speaches during the day focused on how we, together, can achieve an injury-free and safe workplace.

It was a very inspiring and educational day, that definately showed what a constant development the business are in, both regarding technical solutions and safety.

On Friday morning, I also had the chance to join the recieving of a new pump - an M56. The pump is classified according to Euro VI, which is the highest classification among heavy vehicles. The new pump will contribute to a more efficient concrete pumping, as well as a safer workplace for our pump drivers and our customers.

To sum it up, it was two awesome days, as always with the Pump-team!