Thomas Branded Products

Based on extensive research, we have crafted a number of unique products with defined characteristics ready to order for your projects. Here are some examples:


Ready-mixed concrete:

    • concrete with lower CO2 footprint
  • THOMAGRÖN (Sweden) 
    • concrete with lower CO2 footprint
  • FLOWTRON® (Germany)
    • self-consolidating concrete, SCC
    • special concrete with high chloride resistance and low CO2 footprint 


Pre-casted concrete:

  • THOMAPLATTA (Sweden and Norway)
    • slab with recycled concrete aggregate
  • THOMASKAL (Sweden and Norway)
    • reinforced wall made for higher consistency (SCC) and casting rate


Other products:

  • THOMACURE (Germany)
    • water based paraffin emulsion, curing membrane that prevents quick water losses