Exciting weeks in precast production

It's been a while since I last published a blog post, and I've done a lot since then. I've continued to work on the sustainability report, but above all, I've been out working in our precast factories and that's what I wanted to talk about in this post.


Just before Christmas, I spent a week working in our factory in Lane-Ryr, which is just outside Uddevalla. In the Lane-Ryr factory, we manufacture both slabs and balconies. I thought it was very fun to have a go at working in a factory and I was extremely impressed by how skilled the people who work every day are. During the week, I got to try out almost all the steps involved in constructing a slab-bearing structure, from cleaning the bed, laying out the embedded goods, and gluing, to the actual casting and unloading.


In January, I also spent a week in our factory in Heby. In Heby, we also manufacture slabs and balconies, as well as solid walls, half sandwich walls, and double-walls. During my days in Heby, I had the opportunity to produce more slabs, but also solid walls and balconies, which were very fun to test out. Making solid elements is a bit different as you must get a nice and clean finish. It requires craftsmanship that I must admit I didn't really have, but luckily one of the super-talented men and women working in the factory could go after and fix my somewhat lousy surfaces.


To be out in production and take part in the extremely important work that our plant staff does every day is, in my opinion, one of the best things with Thomas Concrete Group's Trainee Program. I had a very positive experience, and it was really fun to get a bit grubby in the factories. I have now just started a new block in Prefab where I’ve already spent a week with the sales team and will now spend the next six weeks with the design team.