Full speed in production and sales!

Over the past three weeks, I have been able to take part in all the work that takes place in the line at the Swedish part of the group, i.e. Thomas Betong. It has been an eventful three weeks with new impressions and exciting meetings every day. In short, during these weeks I have been to several factories, been involved in customer service and sales, ridden along in a concrete truck, and been with pumps on a casting job. But above all, I have met a great bunch of employees at Thomas Betong and learned how they work and why they are important to the company as a whole.


It has been very enlightening to learn what all these people in the company work with every day as it is their important efforts that ensure that we are a company at the forefront.


During these three weeks, I also had the opportunity to visit some of the team in Örebro/Mitt and Stockholm. This was also very informative as I got to experience what makes the different areas unique and how we must work to tackle these different challenges. However, one thing that does not differ is the Team Thomas spirit that exists throughout the country!