My time at marketing communication is coming to an end

As of this week, my time at marketing communication is coming to an end. I have had seven busy weeks where I have had the opportunity to work on many different of projects. Starting the entire trainee program with marketing has, in my opinion been great since I have gotten a broad picture of the entire company. Above all, I have also understood how important brand building is, which is very good to recognize from the start.


The projects I have worked on have included developing a completely new website for the Family Thomas Foundation. It was an extremely interesting and educational project as I got to work with many different people with different skills in order to be able to build a good website together. I have also worked a lot with the Group's website and updated it to make it as good as possible.


In addition to working with different websites, I have also, among many other things, produced a company presentation that everyone in the Group should be able to use as a starting point when giving a presentation about the company. I have also compiled our social media competition #seenthomas, investigated how we can build a media bank and published texts about sustainability on the websites of the various subsidiaries. It has simply been a busy period with lots of different and fun tasks.


Another fun thing I had the opportunity to participate in is that we last week launched our electric truck. Thomas Concrete Group has thus invested in a 100% electric concrete truck that also happens to be the first of its kind in Sweden. To celebrate this, a handover of the truck was arranged at the plant in Mölndal with speeches from the Group’s CEO Hans Karlander and Thomas Betong's CEO Carina Edbland. There was also cake and was, in all, an incredibly fun event. 


IMG 0126IMG 0125


Next week I will start my time in production where I will be at the factory and lab on Ringön. It is something I am really looking forward to and it will be extremely interesting and fun to see what it is like to work with such tasks.