Ida's Blogg

Goodbye for now!


Due to Covid-19 and the change of plans regarding my trainee program, I will enter my new role earlier than expected. That means that I will step into my role as a Business Controller for the Group starting now. I’m so excited!

Not according to the plan...


According to the original plan, I would be in the middle of my preparations to spend the next three months in the US and our team over there. But with this Covid-19 outbreak that’s not going to happen.

Hello Szczecin, Poland!


Last week I visited our office in Poland with Fredrik, Business Controller at TCG. We experienced a really nice welcome and I learned a lot!

Part Two - Precast


The last couple of weeks I have been spending my time with the team on salesforce, project management and the structural engineers. I spent one week in Stockholm and one week in Gothenburg. Both weeks have been very educational and fun.

A whole new world - Precast


As the title revel, I have been spending my time in our precast business in the last couple of weeks. I have gotten the opportunity to get an insight into different parts of our precast business which have been very informative

Focus on the Sustainability Report


All of a sudden three months in the market department has passed and wow! I’ve had a great time and have learned a lot.

A fun day at VARM



This Tuesday, November 26th, we were at VARM. It’s a Career fair for civil engineers and architects hosted by Chalmers university of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was a great day filled with interesting meetings with curious students.


Off we go!


Hi and welcome to my blog. My name is Ida and I’m the new trainee for Thomas Concrete Group. These first couple of weeks have been very intense but so fun.