A fun day at VARM!



This Tuesday, November 26th, we were at VARM. It’s a Career fair for civil engineers and architects hosted by Chalmers university of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was a great day filled with interesting meetings with curious students.


The theme for this year’s fair was sustainability, a theme we at Thomas really like. There were many good conversations regarding sustainability, our industry and its challenges. It’s always interesting to get a students’ perspective and a good chance to spread our knowledge about concrete and sustainability.



We also had a small quiz that the students could participate in. Here you have the chance to do the same quiz! And if you missed our showcase, have other questions regarding job and career, suggestions for master theses, looking for summer job or have other concerns you can go here.


After all it was a great day and I hope to see you next year at VARM 2020!