A whole new world - Precast

As the title revel, I have been spending my time in our precast business in the last couple of weeks. I have gotten the opportunity to get an insight into different parts of our precast business which have been very informative. It’s fun to learn new things.

I have decided to divide my blogpost into one post about production and one post about sales, project management and construction.


Today's focus is on production! I spent two weeks in Lane-Ryr and two weeks in Heby.


These weeks have given me a lot of new things to learn and a lot of information to process since I had little experience of the precast business going into this. The concept of Precast is to deliver finished concrete elements with exactly the dimensions and specifications that are desired from the customer. These finished slabs are then shipped off and get mounted on the construction site.


In Lane-Ryr, that are located near Uddevalla, we are producing slabs and balconies. We also have our own reinforcement hall, which allows us to produce reinforcement nets for the slabs. This is a great advantage as the reinforcing nets that are in the slabs are already ready for the cut-outs needed for the embedment. For each slab there is a unique drawing which is carefully followed in the production with the help of the drawing itself but also by a laser that is in the ceiling. The laser shows how the switches and the various accessories should be placed.





This picture is from Lane-Ryr. Here we see a casting bed with a finished reinforcement net that has all the cutouts required for roof boxes, sprinklers, valves etc.


In Heby, which is located near Uppsala, we have two factories. I spent a week in each. In Heby 1 we produce the same products as in Lane-Ryr (balconies and slabs). The only difference from Lane-Ryr is that in Heby 1 you have a combination of ready-made reinforcement nets and that you make your own.





A picture of me when I cut the reinforcement ladders to be used in the slabs where we make our own reinforcement net. (Heby 1)


In our new factory Heby 2, we produce doublewalls. It was fun to be part of Heby 2 as it is a modern factory and that we produce another type of product. It was intense trying to learn as much as possible, but everyone took good care of me and answering all my questions. I really feel that I have gained a lot of knowledge from my time in Heby.




An image from Heby 2. The image shows the machine that is used to turn our walls. And in the palette as seen, the wall has just been turned down.


During my two weeks in Heby, I also got to spend some time with all the nice colleagues outside of work. Handrin, the factory manager for Heby 2, showed me Crossfit (really fun!) And one night we played Padel. So much fun! Extra fun when you are on the winning team




Handrin and his daughter Astrid / The Padel night


I want to thank the Team Leaders in all the factories a little extra for taking the time of their day and answer all my questions. Also, a big thank you to everyone else who contributed to four very fun weeks out in production with Prefab. I will be back!