Hello Szczecin, Poland!


Last week I visited our office in Poland with Fredrik, Business Controller at TCG. We experienced a really nice welcome and I learned a lot!


We did some Power BI training for the polish organization.


Workshop Polen 2

Fredrik (Controller, TCG) and Jacek (Controller, Poland)


Staty Polen 2

A cool statue you can find in one of Szczecin's many nice parks!


I’m on my fourth stage in the trainee program which is with the Group Finance team. We do all kinds of interesting projects. My initial focus has been on Power BI. To learn about the program, how we are using it in the Group and what kind of reports the different parts of the organization needs. Fredrik is also giving me a deeper knowledge of how we build our different data-sets for each organization. The aim is for me to know more about the technical aspects and it’s so much fun!


I’m really enjoying my time with the finance team and my work tasks. Some of my other tasks are to help Elin, also Business Controller at TCG, with different financial reports. Elin prepares reports on a weekly and monthly base to some of our affiliates.


At last, I just want to tell you that I now know where my last stage in the program will be. It will be in… Charlotte, USA! I’m super excited to be a part of our organization in the US!


I hope that all of you that want to have the chance to experience the trainee program next year, have applied. I promise you that you won’t regret it!!