According to the original plan, I would be in the middle of my preparations to spend the next three months in the US and our team over there. But with this Covid-19 outbreak that’s not going to happen. Very sad of course but not much I can do about it. On a positive note, my trip to the US is not canceled, just postponed. Preliminary I will spend three months with the team in the US during spring 2021.


What going on right now? I’m still with the TCG Finance team. I have gained so much experience from this situation and I have a lot of fun work tasks that keep me busy. It’s especially important now that we monitor different financial flows, simulate different scenarios for the future, and ensure that we can handle the effects of Covid-19. An exciting and challenging time to say the least!


Hans and I had our second in-depth discussion about change management, super-relevant right now! Hans talked about the importance of navigating through the dark woods in a structured and proactive way. To come out on the “other side”. I think it symbolizes the current situation well. It can sometimes feel like a dark forest and I personally think the uncertainty is the hardest. But it is important to navigate through the dark parties for new times to come. It’s not always about being the strongest or the fastest, but be able to adapt and be flexible. Because there will come new times with other fun challenges ahead.


Förändringsledning Skogen

Hans illustration of the woods 



At last, I just want to say stay safe and stay healthy. Talk soon!