Part Two - Precast 


The last couple of weeks I have been spending my time with the team on salesforce, project management and the structural engineers. I spent one week in Stockholm and one week in Gothenburg. Both weeks have been very educational and fun.


My first week was in Stockholm and I spent my time with our salesforce within Precast. I got the chance to get a glimpse of a regular week for one of our Project managers. I got to learn more about our sales process, project management and more about our offer to the customer. I also got the chance to participate in a complaints meeting with one of our customers. It has been very educational to see the processes from production until the finished product on site. To hear about what kind of problems and complaints there can be. It gives me a better understanding of the whole process and areas where we can improve.





A site visit at one of our projects in Stockholm, Sweden


The other week I spent my time with our structural engineers, designers and project managers in Gothenburg. They do all the work between sales and production. It was a good chance for me to understand how we handle the project from the customer, design, pass on the right documents and make sure our production and our customers get all the right documents and drawings.




Some of the structural engineers and designers in Gothenburg



This was the end of my third stage of the trainee program. The next stage is in the finance department which will be very exciting. I will keep you posted!