Culture & Values 

cultureWe are Team Thomas - a dedicated team that supports each other, give each other energy, and has fun together!


As with any team, good collaboration, community, and motivation are crucial factors for success – so also in Team Thomas. With our long-term approach and ambitions for a sustainable society, both from an environmental and social perspective, it is also of the utmost importance that we create healthy and safe working conditions for each other.


We are all responsible for our common work environment and culture. We want to offer you a safe, pleasant, and developing work environment. We put safety first and encourage a culture where all employees let safety become a way of being. In addition, we want to create the conditions for you to feel job satisfaction and community in Team Thomas. 


Within Team Thomas, we have no acceptance of any type of abusive behaviour. We in Team Thomas show each other respect, support each other, and have fun together. All employees within the company have equal rights and opportunities in the work within Thomas Concrete Group. This also means, of course, that we have zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination and abusive treatment throughout our business. We take active measures to combat discrimination and promote equal rights and opportunities at work.