Investing SEK 19 million in new silos for reduced CO2 emissions

7 december 2021


Thomas Betong, which is part of Thomas Concrete Group, is now investing a total of SEK 19 million in order to produce low carbon concrete in all the locations where the company has operations, and as a result is also reducing transport distances.
The investment principally relates to an additional 15 silos that will process alternative binders for cement.

- “Thanks to these new silos, we will be able to produce low carbon concrete at all our plants, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 50 per cent,” says Joakim Bjelkstam, Business Area Manager Ready-mixed Concrete.


Thomas Betong Fabrik

Photo: Thomas Betong's concrete plant


Thomas Betong launched the first low carbon concrete on the Swedish market back in 2012. Developments aimed at reducing CO2 emissions have continued since then, and the company produces more concrete with a reduced carbon footprint than anyone else in Sweden, even before this upcoming investment.
- “We have recently noticed ever greater demand for low carbon concrete and the Thomagrön products that we offer,” says Joakim Bjelkstam.


The investment, which relates to 12 binder silos for the Ready-mixed Concrete business area and three for the Precast Concrete business area, will be implemented during 2022.
– “After that, we will be able to produce low carbon concrete at all our plants.”


Thomas Betong currently has a total of 35 concrete plants in Sweden, and the company has divided its business into four geographical regions: Stockholm, Central, West and Skaraborg/Värmland.
– “With these investments, we are strengthening our operations locally and our competitiveness for the future.”


Within the Precast Concrete business area, in which the company has four factories, the new investments are much longed-for and considerable progress has already been made. At the plant in Lane-Ryr, near Uddevalla, preparations in respect of building permits and the foundations for the new silo are underway.
– “At the moment, silos are a crowded sector for us when it comes to being able to offer pre-casted solutions with low carbon concrete,” says Per Ekendahl, Business Area Manager Precast Concrete.
– “New silos contribute to increased flexibility, which will enable us to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions alongside our customers.”


In order to achieve the best possible results, Per Ekendahl demonstrates how important it is for a supplier to be invited to join in the construction process at an early stage, long before the first shovelful of earth is dug.
– “The earlier we get involved in the projects, the more we can do to assist in areas such as quality, strength, economy and the environment.”
A considerable amount of what is being built today tends to be oversized. For example, the proportion of cement used in concrete can be far too high compared to what is required for the construction.
– “In this case, it is good if we have had the opportunity to analyze and propose alternative solutions for each specific part of the project in plenty of time,” concludes Per Ekendahl.


See the map showing all of Thomas Betong’s plants:

Thomas Betong Fabriksnätverk


For more information, please contact
Carina Edblad, CEO of Thomas Betong
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