Thomas Concrete Group acquires port operations in Sweden

- Safeguards imports for continued climate-improved concrete production


Gothenburg, September 2nd, 2021


In order to safeguard future concrete production in Sweden, Thomas Concrete Group is expanding its operations and allowing one of its subsidiaries, Thomas Cement, to acquire Stockholms Bulkhamn AB, west of Nynäshamn, 60 km from the Swedish capital.
– “This is a strategic investment that safeguards logistics for future supplies of important raw materials to the group,” says Hans Karlander, CEO of Thomas Concrete Group.

Thomas Concrete Group is now expanding its operations in Sweden by acquiring Stockholms Bulkhamn AB in Stora Vika, south of Stockholm. The acquisition complements the group’s three import terminals in Oxelösund, Uddevalla and Landskrona and represents – together with them – a strategic investment that provides Thomas Concrete Group with greater opportunities to develop concrete production using, among other things, alternative binders and other raw materials.

Stockholm Bulk 2Thomas Concrete Group förvärvar hamnverksamhet i Sverige
Caption: Thomas Concrete Group’s CEO, Hans Karlander, believes that the acquisition of Stockholms Bulkhamn AB is a crucial deal in the company’s strategy to continue to develop and safeguard the group’s future.

– “Sweden is Thomas Concrete Group’s home market, where the company plays a leading role in the development and production of climate-improved concrete, through several products that we have developed ourselves and which are manufactured here in Sweden.
– Thanks to this acquisition, we can meet the demand for certain raw materials and ensure continued domestic production and development,” says Hans Karlander, President and CEO of Thomas Concrete Group.

The takeover of Stockholms Bulkhamn AB is scheduled for September 16 and will be undertaken by Thomas Cement, which is owned by Thomas Concrete Group. Stockholms Bulkhamn AB, which is one of the few bulk ports south of Stockholm, currently has a turnover of SEK 30 million and five employees. It handles approximately 200,000 tons of raw materials, in the form of timber, pellets, Leca, pig iron, gravel, sand and stone.

– “We already offer concrete that reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 50 per cent.
– Against this background, this is a crucial deal in our long-term strategy to continue to develop and safeguard our future as a group, not least in view of our goal of offering climate-neutral concrete by 2030,” concludes Hans Karlander.

Footnote: Stockholms Bulkhamn AB is a subsidiary of Svea Lejon AB, which is being acquired by Thomas Cement AB, which is owned by Thomas Concrete Group AB.


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