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Thomas Concrete Group expands with acquisition


Sweden-based Thomas Concrete Group is expanding in Europe by acquiring Sollebrunns Betongelement AB. As a result of the acquisition, the company will also become the largest shareholder (35.48 per cent) in the Polish company Scanbet Sp. z o.o., which develops and produces pre-casted concrete.

Stororder till Västlänken etapp Korsvägen, med klimatförbättrad betong


Thomas Betong AB har ingått avtal med West Link Contractors om att leverera all betong, samt rådgivnings-, support- och pumptjänster till Västlänkens deletapp Korsvägen. Avtalet omfattar leveranser om totalt 220 000 m3. För att nå målet om en minskad klimatpåverkan inom projektet med minst 25 procent används klimatförbättrad betong.

New Sustainability Report from Thomas Concrete Group


Thomas Concrete Group published its first Sustainability Report in 2016. Since then, the company has remained focused on continued improvement in sustainability and on clear reporting of the company’s long-term sustainability practices.