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Building structures for coral reefs using climate-improved concrete


– There is a lot to suggest that with the concrete, which we have tested and developed in collaboration with C-lab and the Thomas Concrete Group, the larvae of the Lophelia corals will be able to establish a hold and build up new reefs, says Susanna Strömberg, Senior research engineer in the project at the University of Gothenburg.

The importance of combining design and materials – Learning from the past to design a better future


On October 11 one of the industry's leading researchers, Dr. Philippe Block, is invited as one of the speakers at Thomas Concrete Groups industry event about building a sustainable Gothenburg and the importance of concrete. To address the grand challenges posed by climate change, Dr Philippe Block and his research group’s research focus on how historic structural design in combination with the right material can be reintroduced in modern day practice.

Thomas Concrete Group still sees a great potential in Europe's largest market


Thomas Concrete Group is expanding in Europe's largest economy. The Group's German operation, Thomas Betong GmbH, recently acquired a 40-year-old, medium-sized company in Rhineland-Palatinate, which means that it is now represented in six of the country's 16 federal republics.


Grant for the best MSc theses within sustainable concrete construction


Sustainability Report 2021 – Thomas Concrete Group


First out in Sweden with the volcanic rock mixed in concrete


Gothenburg-based Thomas Concrete Group expands: – Acquires 7 concrete plants in Germany and the USA