Lars Jacobson, economy assistent

My name is Lars Jacobson, 21 years old. I will start my third year at the civil engineering program for construction at Chalmers University of technology. I have also started taking economy courses at the Gothenburg University and will hopefully have my bachelor degree in economics by the end of the year. During this summer I was given the opportunity to work at Thomas Betong AB’s main office in Gothenburg as economy assistant.


My first contact with Thomas Betong was during one of their career fairs, CHARM, at Chalmers. I later came in contact with their Account manager and was invited to a job interview and the day after my last exam for the semester I started working at Thomas Betong. I have mainly been working with a project where I have been in daily contact with the companies all 36 factories in Sweden, trying to solve issues related to credits and debits. But I have also go to see other parts of the company’s economical structure, and the whole experience has given me so much knowledge that I didn’t have before.


To work at a company that is part of a global group structure is an impressive experience where you get to work side by side to highly committed and professional people. Finally, I leave my summer job with a great deal of positive work experience, deeper knowledge within the field of economy and concrete business as well as a part time employment at Thomas Betong that I will try to balance with my studies over this upcoming fall and spring. A perfect result of a great summer!