Our History

Concrete has always been our focus. We have gained over 60 years of experience resulting in a number of innovative concrete products and solutions. We deliver our concrete products to various projects within the residential, commercial and infrastructure areas.

It all began back in 1955 when the first production plant for ready-mixed concrete was set up in Karlstad, Sweden, by Martin Thomas, an engineer with great entrepreneurial spirit.



The company grew quickly and in 1965 the first plant outside of Sweden was established in Flensburg, Germany. At that point the company had 200 employees, fifteen plants and the headquarters had been relocated to Gothenburg.

By 1975, Thomas Concrete Group had grown to 300 employees and 25 plants



In 1985 the company expanded again, this time into the United States. The move attracted much attention and would be of great importance to the group. Soon Thomas Concrete Group had 10 plants in two of the fastest growing states in the American South – Georgia and Florida. These plants alone produced more than twice as much as the Swedish counterparts. In 1988, the group´s American presence numbered 18 plants, 300 vehicles and 500 employees.


In the early 1990’s, we broadened our range of products in Sweden to include precast elements through the acquisition of a precast plant in Lane-Ryr. This purchase allowed us to extend our operations into Norway.

Early 1990's

Late 1990's


In late 1990’s Thomas Concrete Group expanded into the growing Polish market. Continuous expansion has been one of the most distinctive characteristics of the company’s development since its establishment in 1955.

In March 1999, Thomas Betong aquires Kullbergs Cementvaror in Heby, Sweden. The plant produces precast concrete elements.



Jan Thomas, the son of Martin Thomas, joined the company in 1982 and was the CEO of the group from 1987 to 2012. He was succeeded by the current CEO, Hans Karlander.

In March 2015 the group initiated an extensive brand development project. A common brand platform was launched and all companies in the group has from that date the same name and same brand identity.

Thomas Concrete Group AB is located in the same building at Södra Vägen in Gothenburg as in 1957. The group has maintained its local connection by slightly differ the common brand names depending on country: Thomas Betong AB (Sweden and Norway), Thomas Beton GmbH (Germany), Thomas Beton Spz.o.o (Poland) and Thomas Concrete Inc (USA).



Thomas Concrete Group, has during the recent years, been on a journey to further improve its financial results and to build a solid operational platform for the future. The company is creating a stronger group structure with employees working closer together as one united team, Team Thomas, irrespective of plant locations or national boundaries. At the same time, the group has a long term strategy to further develop the local business and local customer focus.

Key success factors for the Thomas Concrete Group has always included its independence from international construction and cement companies, which makes the Group a long term reliable partner to the entire construction industry and to various suppliers. Another key success factor has been a high level of technical competence, exemplified by the operation of the Group’s own Research and Development Centers i.e. C-lab in Gothenburg and one at each national subsidiary.

We are a commited team – this is our DNA

We care and act in the best interest of our customers, colleagues and company.

We constantly seek possibilities, having high focus on profit and results.

We are responsible and alert, always striving to be the best.

We support each other, sharing energy and having fun.

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