Our precast concrete is manufactured in a high precision plant. For efficiency, sustainability and simplicity, the concrete is cast in a reusable mould where it is cured and subsequently transported to the construction site to be lifted into place. We deliver precast products to our European markets.


Frame concept

Our frame concepts Thomagrön combine speed and efficiency with a lower carbon footprint. At the same time, they are cost-effective and flexible, making them an ideal solution for the sustainable homes of the future.

floor slabs

Our filigree floor slabs supports and massive beam supports are used, among other things, in multi-family houses, office buildings, hospitals, and garages, and are an efficient system that shortens the construction time.


We offer full and half sandwich walls that can be delivered with various types of facade materials. If you choose a sandwich wall or solid wall, you also get very good fire and sound properties.

Balconies and
access balconies

We design, manufacture, and deliver finished balconies and exterior corridors with the desired attachment solution according to the customer’s wishes.

and beams

Pillars and beams are used in parking garages and basements for the support of beam layers. They are manufactured in varying lengths and shapes and are delivered ready for assembly.


We deliver straight half or fully open staircases with great flexibility in execution. The staircases are used both indoors and outdoors.


Base elements are used as facade bases for example in warehouses and industries and are an effective collision protection for the facade. Available in several different designs.

Special purpose

Among our special purpose products, you will find concrete foundations for solar panel installations, charging poles, lighting poles, and masts.



We assist with the design and sizing of the frame and develop the right solution for the customer. We also offer technical advice during the early stages of projects, to ensure that they are designed efficiently.


We provide technical support before, during, and after casting. We also test the properties of the fresh and hardened concrete, consistency class, and compressive strength.

Design and

Our design department consists of engineers who work with the blueprints needed to produce our precast concrete elements.

Assembly of frame

With the service of frame assembly, we can guarantee that the frame is built in a safe and smooth manner. We deliver frame with assembly all over Sweden.

Our projects

Low-carbon concrete

Plant Riverside District by JW Marriott

Low-carbon concrete

The Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design

Low-carbon concrete


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