To uphold our commitment to social and environmental responsibility, it’s crucial that we maintain a strong financial foundation. Only through profitable operations can we fund the research and innovation necessary for building sustainable societies.

Sustainable business practices for a profitable future

We’re proud to be an independent, family-owned enterprise, established by Mr. Martin Thomas. The Thomas Group remains entirely owned by the Thomas family, a lineage deeply committed to fostering the company’s growth as a robust, international, and independent entity.

The Thomas family has always envisioned creating a legacy business for future generations, with a focus on reinvesting the majority of the profits. From our inception, we’ve strived to operate a sustainable business model that ensures long-term profitability and fosters a positive work environment for our employees.

By prioritizing accountability, compliance, clear objectives, and open dialogue, we aim to be the preferred concrete supplier for our customers.

Our financial goals for the long term are ambitious. We set and agree upon overall annual targets during our forecasting process. This approach allows us to enhance our results incrementally and realize our vision of being recognized as the industry leader.

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