Our commitment to innovation expresses itself in many ways, with our dedicated Research & Development department, C-lab® being just one example of this. We believe that innovation is built on constantly asking questions of ourselves and our industry. By doing so, we aim to remain a company in motion and ultimately offer customers across our markets even more effective and sustainable solutions.


C-lab® is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and is Thomas Concrete Group’s accredited (ISO/IEC 17025) centre for material and laboratory testing, technical consultation, and research and development. We are one of a few global concrete suppliers to operate our own research and development facility.

During 2023, 5,918 accredited testing assignments of concrete, aggregates, and binders were conducted according to national and international standards.

To meet the increased demand of testing we expanded our premises with a new room dedicated to freeze-thaw testing to facilitate our 16 temperature controlled freezing chambers. We also received an accreditation for testing the potential alkali-reactivity of aggregates according to RILEM AAR-2 and ASTM C1260.


C-lab® is SWEDAC accredited in several methods of testing fresh and hardened concrete, aggregate and binders. We can also offer testing and sampling at the construction site.

Experience tells us that modern concrete is a construction material with outstanding potential.
C-lab® can help unlock this potential by providing specialist knowledge and advice in the design stage, optimizing concrete use and preventing problems that sometimes occur during construction. We also offer testing of fresh and hardened concrete, assessment of existing structures, damage investigation services and education on the subject of concrete and its application.


With a focus on concrete in both its fresh and hardened state and in its constituent materials such as aggregates and binders, we conduct projects in collaboration with customers and material suppliers.

Additionally, we work closely with academic and industry institutions including Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden and the Swedish Cement and Concrete Institute.

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