Our Green Offer

We have developed Our Green Offer to facilitate the choice and use of low-carbon concrete. The offer brings together products, knowledge, and services to contribute to sustainable and low-carbon concrete construction. We continuously developing Our Green Offer products and services.


Concrete with lower carbon dioxide emissions

THOMAGREEN® is a type of concrete that offers a lower CO footprint than traditional concrete, while maintaining the same high quality, function, and performance. This is achieved by replacing parts of the cement with alternative binders and optimizing the amount of binder in the concrete.


These concrete blocks come in a variety of sizes and are cast with residual concrete. They are a sustainable way of using left over concrete and can be used for multiple applications, such as storage bins and security barriers.

Optimizing Services

We can assist customers with concrete optimization services, with particular focus on providing data on strength, alternative binders and environmental footprint. We also offer different CO2 savings estimations and simulations of heat and strength development of the concrete to foresee necessary actions to be taken at the construction site.

We can provide qualified advice during the design phase, optimizing concrete design and proactively addressing construction issues. We cover all aspects of concrete performance, leveraging the latest technology. Additionally, we create or review specifications to enhance durability and constructability.

We offer Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) across the group for our products and projects. As well as increasing transparency, these help customers make more sustainable choices.

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