Thomas Concrete Group is growing in Germany

Through its German subsidiary, Thomas Beton GmbH, Thomas Concrete Group is now acquiring the assets of Massfeller Transport GmbH, a company that delivers ready-mix concrete and certain precast concrete elements. The company is based in Herschbach in western Germany.

“The construction industry in Europe weakened throughout last year. Residential construction decreased in several countries by over 50 percent, and 2024 will most likely be a challenging year for the industry. At the same time, Thomas Concrete Group is a long-term thinking family-owned company and therefore, it is important to invest even when the market is declining. Massfeller Transport GmbH complements our ready-mix concrete business and provides us with the opportunity to expand our offering with certain precast concrete elements, contributing to making us even stronger in the German market”, says Hans Karlander, CEO of Thomas Concrete Group.

Thomas Beton GmbH, a part of the family-owned Thomas Concrete Group AB, currently operates 32 ready-mix concrete plants in Germany. The acquisition of Massfeller Transport includes, in addition to the business operations, land and buildings.

Through its German subsidiary, Thomas Beton GmbH, Thomas Concrete Group is now acquiring the assets of Massfeller Transport GmbH.

This acquisition strengthens our position

The more than 25 employees at Massfeller Transport are now employed by Thomas Beton GmbH and they will continue as before but with additional focus on technical development and an even more sustainable offering to customers. Thomas Concrete Group also expects to achieve coordination benefits in finance and sales. Going forward, the Massfeller family, will concentrate on development, production and sales of small Beton2go concrete filling stations in Massfeller Beton2Go GmbH, for which the company has already built a new production site in Herschbach.

“With this acquisition, we strengthen our position as The Concrete Specialists and continue to deliver on our long-term strategy of having production and sales in several countries, thus we are in a better position to cope with varying market and economic situations in the industry. We also gain even better presence to customers and can strengthen our service in terms of both capacity and logistics”, according to Hans Karlander.

The acquisition was completed on January 25th, and the takeover is effective from 1st of January 2024.

Hans Karlander

Hans Karlander


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