The Family Thomas Foundation Awards Scholarship

Two recent graduates in civil engineering from Chalmers University of Technology, Anna Stigenberg and Johan Lindqvist, have been awarded a scholarship of 50,000 SEK for their Master thesis on sustainable concrete construction. The scholarship is presented by the Family Thomas Foundation in recognition of their contributions to the field.

Material strength and durability are critical factors for building foundations. In their thesis, the two former students investigated material optimization of piled foundations using advanced computational tools and optimization algorithms. The aim of their work is to guide structural engineers in creating more carbon-efficient structures. Specifically, they explored how various structural parameters affect the material requirements in piled foundations. The results highlight optimal distances between pile centers and slabs for different imposed loads and foundation types. The optimized design shows the potential to reduce the carbon footprint by up to 52 percent compared to industry standards.

“The Family Thomas Foundation aims to promote scientific research and education in the field of concrete, particularly focusing on sustainability. Therefore, it is particularly gratifying that the foundation can award this type of scholarship,” says Hans Karlander, CEO and President of Thomas Concrete Group AB.

Recent civil engineering graduates Johan Lindqvist and Anna Stigenberg received a scholarship from the Thomas Family Research Foundation.

The foundation was established by the Thomas family

The foundation was established by the Thomas family, owners of the Swedish concrete conglomerate Thomas Concrete Group AB, with operations in the USA, Germany, Poland, Norway, and Sweden.

“For a long time, Thomas Concrete Group has been at the forefront of sustainability in Sweden. As early as 2012, we were the first to offer low carbon concrete, and it is gratifying to see that demand is increasing and that the industry is gradually becoming more interested in practically reducing the carbon footprint. Together, we can make a big difference in the construction industry.”

Applications for the 2024 scholarship are now open, awarded for theses completed between 2023-09-01 to 2024-08-31. Nominations are to be made by the students’ examiners no later than 2024-12-01.

Hans Karlander

Hans Karlander


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