Do you want to be part of Team Thomas®?

Are you looking for the opportunity to work in a dynamic organization where you contribute to the building of a sustainable society?


2e7f7328 a1bf 4352 ae39 d6310e8b80fcWhether you’re an engineer, a talented process operator, who loves concrete, or if you are passionate about the world of marketing & sales, there are career opportunities for you at Thomas Concrete Group! We want to be the most attractive employer for our current and future employees by offering a safe and stimulating work environment. 


0396aa92 eeb1 421a ae19 9489e09d61f6We believe that by sharing inspiration, motivation and energy, we make a stronger group. Locally, nationally and internationally we benefit from learning from each other. Our heritage, culture, vision, mission and customer offer combines us into one - Team Thomas!


29480b75 cc8a 497c b580 ce3911170b20At Thomas Concrete Group you will meet employees that are ambitious and forward-driven. We are looking for people that enjoy complex challenges, who can take initiatives, are empathetic and respectful and has the ability to motivate and inspire the colleagues around them.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to invest in your future together with Team Thomas!