Chalmers University of Technology

Thomas Concrete Group works closely with Chalmers University of Technology. This co-operation began in 1999 when Martin Thomas (the founder of Thomas Concrete Group) donated 15 million SEK to Chalmers for research projects aimed at developing and exploiting the full potential of ready-mixed concrete. The goal was to strengthen the competitiveness of ready-mixed concrete and its environmental profile, as well as to develop in-situ cast concrete construction towards industrialized processes. The donation has resulted in three PhD dissertations:

Co-operation has continued with several master thesis projects and we are also engaged in education activities at Chalmers, such as the “Matter Space Structure Studio Workshop” which was held in November 2009. Currently underway is a PhD-project with focus on the durability aspect of fiber-reinforced concrete.

Thomas Concrete Group also has an adjunct professorship at Chalmers. Currently Dr. Ingemar Löfgren is adjunct professor in “Material Integrated Structural Engineering”. Previously, Dr. Thomas Kutti (former head of R&D) had an adjunct professorship.