Research projects

Our research and development is focused on concrete, both in its fresh and hardened state, and in its constituent materials, e.g. aggregates and binders. Projects are conducted with both customers and our material suppliers. We also work closely with Chalmers University of Technology and the Swedish Cement and Concrete Institute (CBI) where we collaborate on research projects. We also participate in national and international standard organizations, through CEN-groups, Swedish and European standardization work, as well as in the FIB model codes.


Examples of R&D projects:

  • Fiber-reinforced Concrete for Industrial Construction - a fracture mechanics approach to material testing and structural analysis (PhD dissertation – Ingemar Löfgren, AB Thomas Betong/TCG AB in cooperation with Chalmers Technical University).
  • Early-age properties of self-compacting concrete – Influence of gravel and limestone fillers (PhD dissertation – Oskar Esping, AB Thomas Betong/TCG AB in cooperation with Chalmers Technical University).
  • Effects of Steel Fibres on Cracking in Reinforced Concrete (PhD dissertation – Anette Jansson, TCG AB in cooperation with Chalmers Technical University).
  • Plastic shrinkage cracking in self-compacting concrete (SBUF).
  • Comparison of computational tools for estimating desiccation of concrete (SBUF).
  • Durability of concrete with fly ash (SBUF).
  • Use of mineral additives (Cementa).
  • Heat and strength development of concrete with slag.
  • Carbon Footprint of Ready Mix Concrete and the Role of Environmental Classification Systems (Report no 2011:16, Department of Environmental Systems Analysis, Chalmers University of Technology, ISSN 1404-8167).