Concrete's Sustainable Properties

Concrete meets high standards of sustainability from a life cycle perspective. Concrete has many properties that are a prerequisite for sustainable construction.


Absorbs CO

Concrete does so spontaneously, throughout its entire lifetime, without impairment. Look around you, all exposed concrete you see absorbs CO2, and thereby helps to remove CO2 from our atmosphere. During the concrete life cycle up to 20 % of the CO2 emissions, is being absorbed back.

100% recyclable
Concrete is well adapted to a circular economy. Crushed concrete can be recycled as aggregates for newly produced concrete or be used as base layer in road constructions. In addition, crushed concrete absorbs even more CO2.
Strong and durable
Concrete has been used as a key construction material for thousands of years due to its durability and flexibility. Properly designed buildings last for a long time with a minimum need of maintenance, making concrete a sustainable construction material.
Locally produced
Ready-mixed concrete is always produced locally, with locally sourced materials, leading to short transportation distances.
Energy efficient
Due to the thermal mass and airtight nature of concrete homes, the temperatures inside remain stable, despite the outdoor weather. Therefore, concrete buildings have low energy consumption which reduces the need of extra heating and cooling.
Does not burn

Concrete is fire resistant. Concrete cannot be set on fire or emit toxic fumes during exposure to fire. Firemen and insurance companies agree that concrete is an optimal building material.

Does not mold
Concrete is an inorganic and water resilient material. Meaning that it cannot mold or rot. Concrete is therefore not effected by water leakages and climate changes that may lead to increased frequency of flooding, storms and precipitation.
Helps you sleep better
The extraordinary sound insulating properties of concrete creates quiet and peaceful homes. You will be less bothered by disturbing traffic noise or your next-door neighbours.