Cement & other binders

19acb0df 2df9 4e5c 9c1c b1ee33ecee17The most used binder in concrete manufacturing is Portland cement. However, there are also alternative binders that are used in combination with cement, most common GGBS (Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag., extracted from steel production) and Fly Ash from coal-fired power  plants. The subsidiary Thomas Cement has, via cement terminals in Sweden over time imported and sold, internal and external, all these types of binders.


We currently store GGBS in Landskrona, Uddevalla and Oxelösund, from where it is distributed.


The use of GGBS as a binder allows for a reduction in the amount of Portland cement in the concrete, which results in a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and energy used in the production of concrete.


GGBS also has an impact on the properties of the concrete, such as improved rheology, pumpability, workability and it reduces the amount of water needed in the concrete production process. It also reduces heat generation and thus the risk of thermal cracking in massive structures.


Concrete containing GGBS has also been shown to be more durable in terms of resistance to various chemical reactions, is lighter and has an ethically bright surface and reduced lime precipitation.


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