Thomas Sand und Kies offers aggreges from two efficient sand and gravel plants with long-term secured raw material deposits and areas. Our processed material is used in ready mixed concrete, precast concrete and asphalt industries, as well as in railway, landfill and road construction. Additional, gardening and landscaping.  

In gravel pit in Vierhusen, a district of the municipality of Belau in the district of Plön, up to 450 tons of raw gravel are washed and classified per hour. The reserves within present permits are above 10 million ton with possibilities for extension. The material is delivered not only to our own concrete plant but an important supplier to the whole region.

In Kobrow/Sternberg, in the Ludwigslust-Parchim district, up to 350 tons of raw gravel are processed per hour. With our own crushing plant, we also produce gravel grit for the asphalt industry and road construction.

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Thomas Concrete Swedish operation have no own quarries or gravel pit at present and therefore no production. But Thomas Cement has acquired Stockholm Bulk harbor and do import of sand through that terminal. For 2021 it has been a start up with limited volumes of 25 000mt which is expected to increase 2022.



Thomas Concrete Sand Plant produces C-33 sand (natural sand) for the ready-mix operations in the Charlotte Division (North Carolina). The sand operation produces 150,000 US tons (135.000 metric tons) per year which supplies about 85% of the Charlotte Division natural sand requirements. The operation is located near Pageland, South Carolina. It has been in operation since 2009 and is the only sand operation in the US.