Board of Directors - Thomas Concrete Group

Finn Johnsson
Chairman of the Board

Born: 1946

  • Other board assignments as chairrman: Carlsquare AB, Nordic MRO, Byggdelsbolaget in Kungshamn AB, Clean Industry Solutions Holding Europe AB, CISH, Cassandra Oil AB, • MVI Fund
  • Other board assignments as board member: Energifonden Sverige AB, EFG European Furniture Group AB, Powerboat AB
  • Principal work experience:
    1976-1987 Executive Vice President at Swedish Match
    1987-1990 Executive Vice President at Stora
    1990-1995 CEO at Euroc
    1995-1998 United Distillers
    1998-2005 Mölnlycke Health Care AB

Jan Thomas
Main Shareholder

Born: 1954

  • Principal work experience: Three years with an auditing company and from 1982 in Thomas Concrete Group AB. 1987-2012 CEO at Thomas Concrete Group AB.


M Johan Widerberg

M Johan Widerberg

Born: 1949

  • Other board assignments: Chalmers University of Technology, New Wave Group AB, Stabelo Group AB, Sjöräddningssällskapet, Stena Metall AB, Stena Metall Finans AB, Stiftelsen Svenska Mässan, Börssällskapet
  • Principal work experience:
    2011-2013, Senior Executive - Svenska Handelsbanken
    2007-2011 Executive Vice President at Handelsbanken Group at Central Head Office
    1996-2007 Executive Vice President and Head of Handelsbanken Western Sweden
    1978-1995 Senior Vice President in different areas within Handelsbanken


Thomas Concrete Group board of directors Charlotte Ljunggren small 160714

Charlotte Ljunggren

Born: 1967

  • Other board assignments: Västsvenska Handelskammaren, Svenska Mässan 
  • Principal work experience:
    1986-1992 B&F Fondkommisson AB
    1992-1995 Accounting Manager at Sea Containers Ltd/ Sea Cat AB
    1995-1998 Finance- and HR Manager at Sea Containers Ltd/ Sea Cat AB
    1998-2002 Route Director at Sea Containers Ltd/ Sea Cat AB
    2002-2003 Onboard Service Manager at Stena Line Scandinavia AB
    2003-2012 Route Director at Stena Line Scandinavia AB
    2012-2019 Airport Director at Gothenburg Landvetter Airport
    2019- Director of Marketing and Business Development


Johan Trouvé bw

Johan Trouvé

Born: 1960

Other board assignments

  • Chairman of the Board, Maquire
  • Board member, Svenska Mässan
  • Board member, Stiftelsen Korsvägen
  • Board member, UNICEF Sverige
  • Board member Mediernas Etiknämnd
  • Chairman of the jury Entrepreneur of the Year
    Region Väst
  • Secretary Svenska Börssällskapet Göteborg

Principle work experience

  • 2009- Managing Director, Västsvenska Handelskammaren
  • 2004-2009 Regional General Manager, Schenker AB
  • 1999-2004 Sustainability Manager, Schenker AG
  • 1993-1999 Assistant Environmental Manager, SJ
  • 1992-1993 Office Manager, Ecotraffic
  • 1991-1992 Assistant Technical Attaché, Los Angeles


Malin Josefsson

Malin Josefsson

Born: 1974

  • Other board assignments: Member in a number of non-profit organizations
  • Principal work experience: 1996-2000 Project Management of Quality and Environment at AB Färdig Betong, 2000-2002 IT Manager at AB Färdig Betong, 2002-2007, Operational Manager at Thomas Cement AB, 2007-2010, Head of Logistics at Thomas Cement AB, 2010-2013 CEO at Thomas Cement AB, 2013- Active within forestry, farming and outsourcing.