Board of Directors

Finn Johnsson
Chairman of the Board

Born: 1946

  • Other board assignments as chairrman: EFG European Furniture Group AB, Västsvenska Handelskammaren, Jarl Securities AB, SMP Parts Aktiebolag, Cassandra Oil AB, MVI Fund I.
  • Other board assignments as board member: Lemminkäinen, NEVS AB. 
  • Principal work experience: 1976-1987 Executive Vice President at Swedish Match, 1987-1990 Executive Vice President at Stora, 1990-1995 CEO at Euroc, 1995-1998 United Distillers, 1998-2005 Mölnlycke Health Care AB.

Jan Thomas
Main Shareholder

Born: 1954

  • Principal work experience: Three years with an auditing company and from 1982 in Thomas Concrete Group AB. 1987-2012 CEO at Thomas Concrete Group AB.

Paul A Rabl

Born: 1946

  • Other board assignments: Palmira AS, Risør Chamber Music Festival, Baltrader Shipping Company Ltd, The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, Matanuska Africa Ltd
  • Principal work experience: Export Director, Jahres Fabrikker AS; Deputy Managing Director, Norcem Cement AS; CEO, Scancem International ANS; Director, RMC International Cement Ltd.


M Johan Widerberg

M Johan Widerberg

Born: 1949

  • Other board assignments: Sjöräddningssällskapet, Handel och Industri AB, Stena Metal AB, Handelsbanken Västra Sverige, Stiftelsen Svenska Mässan, Gothenburg Research Institute, New Wave Group AB, Chalmers University of Technology, Stabelo Fund/ Assetment Management.
  • Principal work experience: Long term senior experiences in the finance sector, 15 years served as Executive Vice President within the Handelsbanken Group globally.


Thomas Concrete Group board of directors Charlotte Ljunggren small 160714

Charlotte Ljunggren

Born: 1967

  • Other board assignments: Västsvenska Handelskammaren (chairman), Svenska Mässan Stiftelse (board member), GRI Gothenburg Research Institute (board member)
  • Principal work experience: 1986-1992 B&F Fondkommisson AB, 1992-1995 Accounting Manager at Sea Containers Ltd/ Sea Cat AB, 1995-1998 Finance- and HR Manager at Sea Containers Ltd/ Sea Cat AB, 1998-2002 Route Director at Sea Containers Ltd/ Sea Cat AB, 2002-2003 Onboard Service Manager at Stena Line Scandinavia AB, 2003-2012 Route Director at Stena Line Scandinavia AB, 2012-2019 Airport Director at Gothenburg Landvetter Airport, 2019- Director Marketing and Business Development, Swedavia AB.


Helena Nilsson

Born: 1976

  • Work experience: 1995-1999 Master propramme in Economics, 1999-2001 Accountant at Volvo Business Services, 2001-2004 Production Controller at Estrella AB,  2004-2008 Production planner at Estrella AB, 2008- Accountant at Estrella AB.


Malin Josefsson

Malin Josefsson

Born: 1974

  • Other board assignments: Member in a number of non-profit organizations
  • Principal work experience: 1996-2000 Project Management of Quality and Environment at AB Färdig Betong, 2000-2002 IT Manager at AB Färdig Betong, 2002-2007, Operational Manager at Thomas Cement AB, 2007-2010, Head of Logistics at Thomas Cement AB, 2010-2013 CEO at Thomas Cement AB, 2013- Active within forestry, farming and outsourcing.