Precast Concrete Part 2: Heby


Heby kontorAfter a few intense weeks filled with several sustainability report work-shop days, I headed to Heby, a small town a little over an hour from Stockholm. There, we have two plants located next to each other, Heby 1 and Heby 2. I spent a week in each plant before returning to Gothenburg. Meanwhile, I stayed at Hotel Tinget in Sala, about 20 minutes away.



The first week of my stay I spent at Heby 1, were I helped build balconies and floor slabs. Building balconies was especially fun since I never came around to doing it while I was in Lane-Ryr. Compared to floor slabs, balconies require more "craftsmanship.” The surface of the balconies must be completely smooth, all angles must be straight, and special strips and heels must be correctly placed to divert rainwater. At the construction sites, concrete is casted on top of the floor slabs, but the balconies are mounted as is, so it is important that they look good to satisfy future homeowners and tenants.











The second week of my stay I spent in Heby 2 and the office adjoining the plant. Heby 2 is a newly built plant where we manufacture double-sided walls. Heby 1 and Heby 2 are two vastly different plants, both in terms of environment and way of working. Being so new, many processes in Heby 2 are automated, allowing for a drastically increased production pace. The walls can be complicated to build, since they include doors and windows, as well as components for electrical outlets, spotlights, ventilation - you name it. Particularly intricate are the walls for bathrooms and kitchens.


Heby II 1Heby II 2









As always, the team in Heby was incredibly welcoming and helpful. The opportunity to travel around and work in our plants that our trainee program offers is invaluable. It has helped me gain a deeper understanding of our company, and it has allowed me to meet people and form important relationships with coworkers from all parts of our organization.



Next, I will spend two weeks in Gothenburg focusing on sales, project management, and construction within our precast division.