Preparing for spring

Yesterday, I got to go with Johanna and Sofia at HR to visit Thomas Betong in Stockholm. We started at the office in Märsta, situated in the same area as the Märsta plant. It was so much fun to meet new colleagues and to see another of our plants. I even got to the possibility to drive one of our pumps, one site! It is quite impressive when the pump folds out to its full length! Sure do I look like a pro? ;)

We continued with our tour to the Rotebro plant, the largest plant in Sweden. What a flagship! 200 cubic meters concrete is being produced here every day. This is me together with Sofia and Jonas, who is the responsible manager, in front of the small mixer:

I will be spending 3 months in Rotebro and Märsta this spring. I am truly looking forward to this, I will gain better understanding of production and sales processes. 

It was a great day!