Thank you Stockholm!


The last couple of months I have had the opportunity to be with our production team and sales team in Stockholm. I have very much longed for getting out and see the everyday life at our plants and at our customers sites. These eight weeks have been full of activites. I got to learn how the mixing and batching of concrete works,  take quality controls on our concrete at the work site, pump concrete, deliver concrete, visit customers and distributor and much more. I am truly grateful for getting the possibility to see such a big part of our business, it have contributed to a better understanding.


Thank you to all great coworkers in Stockholm! I am very greatful for this opportunity, it has been an important part of my trainee program.


Next up, Atlanta!

I got to visit Cementa's cement terminal in Liljeholmen, Stockholm. Mohamad pumped the concrete and Patrick (with me as a side-kick) delivered the concrete to VST Nordic in Huddinge.
We also delivered and pumped the concrete to the new tram to Sickla. Henrik made quality controls and learned me how to measure air content and slump.