Finance at Thomas Betong 


For three month I have been working for Thomas Betong as a controller at the company´s head quarter in Sweden, Gothenburg. Thank you to all great colleagues that have made this part of the trainee year something beyond the ordinary. During my time in the finance department I have learned a lot. Among others I have had the privilege to receive training in Microsoft Power Bi, our new business intelligence system. Power Bi make is simpler to analyze and visualize large quantities of data. I have also had the opportunity to deliver many different reports.

Something that has helped me a in the finance department is that I have already been out in production. This have increased my ability to understand the reports I have been working on and it have meant that I have been able to go in to more depth than I had otherwise been able to.

I’m now looking forward for the to the final trainee period in Thomas Concrete in the US!