The time moves fast in Charlotte!

In the final part of my trainee year I have been working at the Charlotte office in North Carolina. Charlotte is one of the US fastest growing cities and it is approximately 4 hours with car from Atlanta. In Charlotte Thomas Concrete has 8 different plants and during the last years we have been increasing our production rapidly.

In the US organization I have been working on several different high pace projects which have been very interesting!

One of the projects has to do with improving the logistics for cement in Charlotte. In the hauling area we both with internal and external delivery professionals. 

In another ongoing project I have been visiting plants together with a “Plant Optimization Team” to make bottle neck analyses and at site either fix the problems or afterwards propose solutions. My responsibility in this project have been to create a structure in the process that the team goes through on each site, this together with making templates and process instructions to be able to do the plant optimizations efficiently.


In the Final project here in the US I have done a time study and mapped out a sand plant outside Charlotte to propose solutions for a possible increase in the production.


So far, my time here in the US have been very educative and particularly in the plant optimization group I feel that I have better understanding in how the production and our business works here!