Branding of plants


In the recent months, me and Anna have visited our plants in Sweden. The purpose with the visits have been to continue to strengthen our new brand, which means that we will ensure that the new brand can be seen at all of our plants and offices.  We brought frames, posters and different company material to the plants. And, of course, some "fika".

Visiting all of our plants, is something that I see as an important experience. That is because the knowledge of how the daily work looks like for our amazing Process Operators, Responsible Operators, Drivers, etc. is the basis of many important decisions taken within the company. To have gotten the chance to meet and get to know so many new people within the company has been amazing! And what a great job they do!

Below, you will find a selection of pictures from my visits :) And remember, during a visit to a factory, or you who work at the factories daily, if you see something profiled with our old brand, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will make sure that it is replaced with our new brand. Thanks in advance!

Fabrik 4


Allingss Bors 1
Bors 2 Bors 3
Fabrik 1 Fabrik 2
Fabrik 3 Karlstad
SKre Stenungsund