Goodbye for now!

Due to Covid-19 and the change of plans regarding my trainee program, I will enter my new role earlier than expected. That means that I will step into my role as a Business Controller for the Group starting now. I’m so excited!


That means that I will stay with the team that I have spent my last three months with. I’m learning new things every day and the team is good at sharing their knowledge. It’s fun to go to work every day and feel that I’m developing and growing with my responsibility.


In my new role as a business controller, I’m going to analyze our subsidiaries' results and provide reports to support decisions for our management team.



Per, our former CFO and Sherry, our new CFO



My trip to the US is postponed to the spring of 2021. That gives me the chance to get a bigger understanding of our operation in the US and gives me the chance to quickly understand the business when I’m finally there. Despite the circumstances, I think this will be great!


So, I will say goodbye for now. We will talk again when I’m in the US. Until then I will have a complete focus on my new role.


Be well!