A fun period at marketing communication with a lot of interesting projects

A few weeks ago, I ended the first period of the year as a trainee with I spent on marketing communication together with Kasia, our marketing communication manager at Thomas Concrete Group (TCG).

porträtt testIt has been some interesting weeks full of new learnings and insights. For example, I have gathered a new understanding of how important marketing communication is if we will be able to efficiently communicate our products, services, and who we are as a company and group to the market. Also, I have realized the extensive work and planning underlying all communication, internally and externally.

During the weeks at marketing communication, I got an opportunity to work on a bunch of interesting projects focusing on different areas and got to know people within different roles in our group, both in Sweden and abroad. When we chose projects, I and Kasia had a discussion and together found projects based on my previous knowledge, my interests, and relevant projects for the group. I think the projects we found have been perfect for me!

As mentioned, I have been working on four projects in parallel which have given me insight into the varying work performed in marketing communication. I have been working with:

• How we can be more present among students by coming up with, and further investigating, potential ideas of activities we can do at universities. Further, discussed these with marketing communication and HR. Moreover, I have made a target group analysis focusing on the student segment.

• Together with an external design bureau developed 2 short movies, that we will share with our customers. One about casting ready mixed concrete during winter and one about low-carbon concrete. During the process of writing the manuscripts and developing some animations I realized that I needed more knowledge and understanding of how this is carried out in practice at the construction sites. Something that I really appreciate here at Thomas is that everyone is kind, interested, and gladly shares knowledge and wants to help. So, I just reached out to some colleges, and they could explain, give examples, and answer all of my questions.

• How we can advance the development of our social media competition #seenthomas. In a few weeks, we will be testing some of the ideas I have coming up with – so check it out and join :-)

• An ongoing project of what to include in our green offer on the different markets and have thereby been working across our group.

In addition, I have been involved in the preparation and planning of our participation at a carrier fair taking place at the end of November at one of the universities here in Gothenburg.

Finally, I attended our “construction industry” event “Tillsammans gör vi Göteborg bäst på hållbart byggande/together we make Gothenburg best on sustainable construction”. At the event representatives from different actors in the industry and the city of Gothenburg discussed low-carbon concrete and how we together can manage climate change. The event offered great chats, conversations, and presentations. Further, many interesting perspectives and thoughts. In short, it was very fruitful and fun!Event

Now, a few weeks in the business area ready mixed concrete lies ahead where I will have the opportunity to meet many persons in different roles. I will meet truck drivers, operators at the plants, people working in the sales department, and all in between. It is going to be workwear, early mornings, and for sure very exciting!

See you!