The year as Trainee has started and it feels just great!

Hi and welcome to my blog, I am happy you found your way here! :) In this blog, you can follow me and what I am doing during the upcoming year as trainee.

HKAbout three weeks ago I stepped into the office for the first time as trainee at Thomas Concrete Group (TCG) with high expectations – and these expectations have been fulfilled. It is a very special feeling and atmosphere here at Thomas where everyone really cares about each other, supports each other, thrives, and has fun together. From the first moment I have been warmly welcomed and I felt included in the team already the first week. Everyone is so open, welcoming, and always finds time to answer my questions and explain things to me regardless of if it is related to a presentation, in the corridor, in the lunchroom, or if I come by their office.

The first two weeks have been intensive and very fun. There has been much information and presentations, for instance about our strategic framework, how we are working with strategic development projects, sustainability, our trademark, and practical information. I have also met a lot of amazing people both at HQ and at Ringön where we have offices and a factory.

So, who am I? My name is Jakob, and I am originally from Skövde, a city located about 20 km north-east of Gothenburg, but I moved here to Gothenburg five years ago and have studied M.Sc. in civil engineering at Chalmers University of Technology since then. During my master I was focusing in management and graduated this summer. In parallel with my studies at Chalmers, I have accomplished a B.Sc. in Business Administration at the Business school of Gothenburg and have been working as an assistant working manager at one of the larger contractors in Sweden. In my spare time, I enjoy being out in wildlife, especially in northern Sweden, hiking or skiing.    

Like previous years, my trainee program is divided into different sections to give me insights into the different functions within the corporation and I will be working/involved in:

  • Introduction
  • Marketing communication
  • Business area concrete
  • Product development
  • Sustainability report
  • Business area prefabricated concrete
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Exchange abroad (in Poland, Germany, or the USA, not decided which one yet)

The introduction is now finished, and I am fully focused on marketing communication where I will work on a few interesting projects.

Stayed tuned,

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